Apartment 58

  • Location

    Soho, London

  • Type

    Members Club/ Workspace

  • Service

    2012 - Present

Compact & Bijou.

We were approached by long term client Alan Grant to supply a 'HiFi' type solution for this new members club and work space in Poland Street in London's Soho district. We chose Funktion One's F101s as the ideal solution with a single MB212 minibass positioned under the built in banquet seating. To give it more of a HiFi feel and maximise the sound quality we mounted the F101s on two steel Unity Audio speaker stands. these are very heavy spiked and helped keep the vibration to a minimum. The Playlist input was fed through a studio quality Benchmark DAC1.

The meeting/ presentation room was served by a pair of polished aluminium Genelec Studio monitors.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One F101

  • Funktion One Minibass

  • Funktion One E30Q Amplifier

  • Funktion One XO2 controller

  • Genelec Studio Monitors - Polished Aluminium

  • Benchmark DAC 1