• Location

    Tbilisi, Georgia

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  • Service

    2015 - Present

Bassiani Breaks New Ground In Tblisi, Georgia.

When Georgian Dance promoters Bassiani found a permanent home for their club they knew the only choice for a sound system was Funktion One and after some research they quickly realised there were few if any companies with the length and depth of experience in the product that Blue Box-London had.

We entered into a lengthy email correspondence with Guri Gotsadze, the man responsible for the sound decision making and worked out the optimum system for their budget which we followed through when a last minute hitch meant a change of venue. Guri was on the right wavelength straight away and took advice on acoustic treatment and other technical aspects that make our systems sing in their unique way.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One DS4 Dance Stacks

  • F118MKII

  • Funktion One Res2SH

  • Funktion One EVO6SH

  • Funktion One E100 amplifiers

  • Funktion One E25 amplifier

  • XTA DP548 processor

  • Funktion One XO4 processor