• Location

    Magaluf, Mallorca

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  • Service

    2008 - Present

Blue Box put Funktion One on the map in Mallorca.

Mallorca's biggest club BCM blew away the island's clubbers on Feb. 29th with their new Blue Box specified Funktion One system at their re opening party hosted by "We Make You". After auditioning various other systems they were convinced by the power and accuracy of the Blue Box's Funktion One rental system. "None of the other systems had the bass we were looking for" says club director Gordon Philips. "Funktion One seems to have an innate understanding of what people want to hear in a club environment."

The system was designed by Blue Box team after two site visits and extensive discussions with technicians and management at the club. They settled on two flying clusters of 6 Res 4s a side underpinned by 4 of Funktion One's new F221 bass bins. Amplification was supplied by MC2 designed E series and control by the ever reliable and sonically accurate XTA digital processors.

Despite the draw of world famous techno DJ Dave Clarke all the talk on the island was of the new sound system. 'You Make Me' promoter Jaun Garrido Moreno summed things up "We have really caused a stir with this system, no one has heard anything like it on the island before, I think we've set a new standard here".

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One Res 4

  • Funktion One F221

  • Funktion One Res 2SH

  • Funktion One F118MKII

  • Funktion One E45

  • Funktion One E25

  • XTA DP226