Cherry Jam

  • Location

    Royal Oak, London

  • Type


  • Service

    2001 - 2013

Cherry Jam was conceived by then Notting Hill Arts Club coordinator Alan Grant. Together with DJ and musician Ben Watt he conceived a new bijou basement club in West London's Royal Oak area. 

Hidden behind it's tasteful shop front lay a hive of artistic activity housing top DJs and up and coming bands (i.e. The Libertines). Having supplied Alan with unparalleled levels of sound and service for Notiing Hill Arts it was a natural progression to ask Blue Box to specify an uncompromising sound system for the new venue. A pair of Funktion One res 2s were flown either side of the compact stage and underpinned with F118 bass bins. An additional res 2SH was wall mouted at the back of the Dance Floor with Genelec self powered speakers taking care of the bar area.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One Res 2

  • Funktion One Res 2SH

  • Funktion One F118

  • Genelec 1029A self powered monitors

  • QSC Amplifiers

  • XTA Processing