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    London, UK

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  • Service

    2008 - Present

When Alan Yau decided he needed to upgrade the sound in his Michelin Star Asian Restaurant Hakkasan he approached Funktion One who appointed Blue Box-London to oversee the project. 

Alan was very definite about wanting high quality sound that could be turned up later in the evening to accommodate the DJs that he had started using to create an alternative after dining atmosphere, a mini club if you will. Nowadays this common place but it was a new concept ten years ago.

A few years later when Alan was developing his flagship Mayfair Hakkasan he once again called us in the design and install a state of the art system.

Audio Specifications
  • Resolution 1

  • F81

  • B&W Ceiling speakers

  • Funktion One Badged MC2 amps

  • Funktion One Badged XTA processors