• Location

    Oslo, Norway

  • Type

    Club / Bar / Live Bands

  • Service

    2008 - Present

Optimum Sound Signal Path in the Innovative venue

Our relationship with Ola Smith-Simonsen goes back a long way to his days as sound engineer for the now legendary Notting Hill Arts Club. We spent many a happy hour with Ola discussing how to get the best out of the system on a limited budget. When Ola returned to his native Norway and decided to open his own venue (Jaeger) he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve with the sound and who he wanted to work with. 

It was a pleasure to finalise a spec with him and ship a res 2 system to Oslo for the main event space. This was supplemented by Res 1s, F118s, F88s and later a stage system including PSM 12 monitors. Ola's first priority was the sound over and above budget which meant we were able to put optimum systems in for the space. 

Over the following years Jaeger became very successful and last year it seemed there was an opportunity to upgrade the system. Ola had no doubts that he wanted to install a Dance Stack component system and we dully wnet to Oslo last October to install it. Again it was a pleasure to work with Ola and his competent team to complete the task for the opening. 

In order to maximise the available sound quality of the Funktion One system Ola has installed high quality DACs for the CDJs and phono pre amps for the turntables. He also has an optional high quality custom built rotary mixer. Mp3 are frowned upon in Jaeger!

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One DS210

  • Funktion One DS15

  • Funktion One F218MKII

  • Funktion One Res 1

  • Funktion One F88

  • Funktion One PSM12

  • Funktion One RM15

  • Funktion One Res 2SH

  • Funktion One F118MKII

  • Martin Audio F12

  • Funktion One E100

  • Funktion One E25

  • Funktion One E30Q

  • Funktion One XO4A