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    Guatemala City

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  • Service

    2014 - Present

First Funktion One In Guatemala

When Enrico Ponce from Empire Promotions decided to take the step to open a new club venue in Guatemala City he approached Blue Box to design a Funktion One system for the space. Having done some research he had reached the conclusion that be taken seriously by the top DJs he needed to show that he took the sound seriously and was prepared to invest in it.

The space, an old industrial style unit lent itself to the two stack approach and we decided on F221s, EVO6Sh and F215MKII these to be driven by Funktion One badged FFA amplifiers and XTA processing.

Despite the timescale being tight Funktion One were able to complete the order in time and we were able to allow the usual of a minimum of a week between the scheduled system arrival and the crew arrival to install it. Unfortunately the airline saw fit to send the system to Miami first and it was stuck there for a few days awaiting a connection to Guatemala City. As the days ticked by as the stress levels rose and the system eventually arrived on site (after being stuck in customs for two days) at 2 pm on show day! Thanks to the cooperation of Enrico (who was hands on pulling cables) and his technician, Erick Majia, and other members of his extended family the system was up and running an hour before show time. A record for any installation I would think. Opening act Kascade rocked the new club, playing to a capacity crowd. Since then the club has continued to establish itself as the the Guatemala City go to night spot. Empire Promotions also run the very successful EMF Festival every March.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One EVO6

  • Funktion One F215MKII

  • Funktion One F221

  • Funktion One F100-2

  • Funktion One F60Q

  • Funktion One XO4A