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    2005 - Present

Privilege - Worlds Largest Club Aquires Worlds Best Sound System.

Although Privilege is know as the biggest club in the world in recent years it had begun to look a little past it's best. Times were changing and with the arrival of Manuel Lopez as new General Manager two years ago Privilege began to change too. Having had some bad experiences of other systems, and a notably disastrous season with a line array, Manuel realised the most important thing was to upgrade the ageing sound system. He approached several manufacturers representatives, one of whom was Blue Box-London. We were already familiar with the club after discussions with Manumission two years previously but we needed an update of the direction the club was headed in and get a feel for where Manuel was coming from.

After meeting with him at the club and discussing his requirements we set up a demo at WMC Miami. Manuel took the owner of Privilege, Jose Marie and his resident DJ to the Mansion in South Beach to hear the system. After the demo Manuel and his boss decided they had little choice but to opt for a Blue Box Funktion One system. The system was installed in two tranches over two seasons now boasts a Blue Box 'standard' format DJ monitor system and an F118/AX88 VIP solution.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One Res 5

  • Funktion One F218A

  • Funktion One AX88

  • Funktion One Res 2SH

  • Funktion One F118MKII

  • Funktion One E45

  • Funktion One E25

  • Funktion One XO2

  • XTA DP226