Sake No Hana

  • Location

    St James St., London

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  • Service

    2008 - Present

Unique Funktion One Restaurant system in Unique Building.

Our history with this building, the listed former Economist offices in St James St., goes back to the turn of the century when it first became a restaurant in the form of Che. Some years later the site was taken over by a new operator with the assistance of Alan Yau, originator of Hakkasan. As is often the case with restaurants the building interior design made the installation of sound less than straightforward. This was further complicated by the installation of a Kaizan ceiling structure. We decided on a complex array of F88 speakers with some under banquet bass units which despite the ceiling worked out very well giving good even coverage and 'proper' sound throughout. The bar and reception were fitted with F81s and F88s respectively and the toilet areas housed the ever reliable and hifi quality B&W ceiling speakers. Again the cabling was complex and required to amplifier/ control positions, one above the restaurant ceiling and one in the basement. A lift amp and speaker were added some time later.

Overall zone control is taken care of by a Formula Sound ZMR80 and remotes in the key areas. A DJ and iPod input where also supplied in the bar.

Audio Specifications
  • Funktion One F88

  • Funktion One F81

  • Funktion One F88

  • Funktion One MB112

  • Funktion One E30Q

  • Funktion One E25

  • XTA DP424

  • Formula Sound ZMR80 zoner