Space Sharm

  • Location

    Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

  • Type


  • Service

    2008 - Present

Following the success of the Space Ibiza installation we were introduced to Egyptian hotelier Samir Rozik who was, at the time, in the process of negotiating a Space franchise for a new site in Sharm El Sheikh.

Tony Andrews and Mark Metcalf flew to Sharm to meet with Samir and his father and to discuss options for the sound for their ambitious 5000 capacity club project. After seeing the proposed site and discussing the detailed requirements with Samir Mark and Tony constructed a proposal which utilised some long proven technology (Res 5s) for one room and the new Res 3 cabinets for the second main room. A deal was agreed and the equipment was duly shipped to Sharm where Mark and his team went to install it over a ten day period. 

"It was a very satisying project to do, both from the point of view of Samir and his family who were a delight to work with, Rami, the in house electrician who now oversees everything to do with the sound and lighting on an on going basis. Crucially they all really appreciated what we were doing and helped in every way possible to make the project run smoothly. Says Mark "The result was three rooms of impeccable Funktion One sound, the biggest room with 4 stacks of F121 and Res 3 is to this day the best Funktion one system I have ever heard. Dash Berlin played on the system a few months later and declared it the best system in the world".

Since the initial installation the club has gone through a constant updating and re evaluation resulting in a different room layout and in some cases room use. The system components we provided proved so flexible that everything supplied has been able to be re installed in an optimum configuration for the new layout without any additional expenditure. 

Audio Specifications
  • Resolution 4 range

  • Bass reflex range

  • F1201 small speakers

  • F1203 medium speakers

  • Evo 7E loudspeaker

  • Custom surround speakers